Beach tourism in Jogja is most sought after by tourists

Beach tourism in Jogja is most sought after by tourists

Yogyakarta or commonly known as Jogja is not only known as the center of Indonesian culture and history, but also has amazing beaches. Beach tourism in Jogja offers beautiful natural charm, soft white sand and a variety of recreational activities which make it a favorite destination for tourists. In this article we will discuss the charm Wisata di Jogja which is always sought after and is a special attraction for visitors.

1. Parangtritis Beach – The Beauty of Volcanic Sand

Parangtritis Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in Jogja. Located about 27 kilometers from the city center of Jogja, this beach is famous for its black or gray sand due to its volcanic origins. Apart from enjoying the stunning sunset, visitors can explore the beach caves, play sandboarding or ride an odong-odong.

2. Baron Beach – Hidden Beach Exoticism

Baron Beach is located around 62 kilometers from Jogja and offers hidden natural exoticism. This beach is surrounded by dramatic limestone cliffs and has waves suitable for surfing. Visitors can also explore the surrounding small caves.

3. Indrayanti Beach – Tranquility and Beauty

Indrayanti Beach, located in Gunungkidul, offers tranquil natural beauty and the charm of the sea. The clear water and white sand create the perfect atmosphere to relax. There are various stalls selling fresh seafood dishes, so visitors can enjoy delicious dishes by the beach.

4. Krakal Beach – Enchanting Beauty

Krakal Beach, located not far from Baron Beach, offers enchanting natural beauty with waves ideal for surfing. This beach is also known for its unique limestone formations and is interesting to explore.

5. Drini Beach – Water Clarity and Coral Rocks

Drini Beach is a paradise for snorkeling and diving lovers. The clear water allows visitors to see the underwater beauty easily. The coral rocks around this beach are home to a variety of stunning marine species.

6. Wedi Ombo Beach – Pasir Landai Beach

Wedi Ombo Beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the serene natural beauty. The beach has sloping sand and is suitable for sunbathing or playing beach volleyball. Visitors can also enjoy traditional fishing boats that circle the beach.

7. Glagah Beach – View of the Harbor and Fishing Boats

Glagah Beach is located in Kulon Progo Regency, Jogja. This beach offers interesting views with rows of traditional fishing boats lining the beach. Glagah Beach is also known for the diversity of birds that can be found around it, making it a paradise for bird fans.

8. Goa Cemara Beach – Peace and Beauty of the Rock

Goa Cemara Beach is located in Gunungkidul and offers peace and stunning natural beauty. This beach has attractive rocks, small caves, and waves suitable for swimming. At low tide, visitors can explore the caves and exotic rock formations.

9. Sadeng Beach – Charm of Corals and Biodiversity

Sadeng Beach is located near Baron Beach and is known for its stunning coral rocks. This beach is also a research site for coral reefs and a variety of marine life which is an attraction for scientists and divers.

10. Gesing Beach – Preserved Natural Beauty

Gesing Beach is one of the beaches in Jogja whose natural beauty is still well preserved. The sloping beach and calm water make it an ideal place for swimming and playing in the water with the family.

Maintaining Natural Beauty

The local government and local community work hard to maintain the natural beauty of Jogja’s beaches through conservation programs and responsible tourism development.


Beach tourism in Jogja offers the perfect combination of natural beauty, recreation and tranquility. From the volcanic sands of Parangtritis Beach to the exoticism of Baron Beach and the tranquil Indrayanti Beach, every beach in Jogja has its own charm. Keraton Ratu Boko makes Jogja a popular destination for visitors looking for an unforgettable holiday experience on a stunning beach.